The lyrics of Caylee Hammack's debut single, "Family Tree," paint vivid pictures of some of the most important people in her life: her mom, dad and sister. As most songwriters know, writing about family members can be a dicey proposition, and though Hammack's family is ultimately thrilled that the song is doing so well, they did have just a couple of nits to pick with its lyrics.

"My sister said, 'Thank you for outing me to the world,'" Hammack recounts, speaking about a line in the song where she pokes fun at her sister's cigarette habit. "My mom said, 'I do not burn chicken. I fry chicken. I've never burned chicken in my life.'"

Still, Hammack's family is proud of her music -- proud enough, in fact, to co-star in the music video for "Family Tree." "They drove from Georgia to Nashville for the video shoot," Hammack adds with a smile. However, once the singer's mom laid eyes on the props the crew had brought to the shoot for her to use, she wasn't shy about voicing her opinion.

"She got out [of the car], and there's this huge pile of Tupperware -- at least, what we thought was Tupperware -- and she gets up there, and she goes, 'None of this is actually Tupperware. It's okay, I brought my own,'" Hammack goes on to say, laughing. "So she goes back to her Suburban and and brings Tupperware out and starts stacking it. She's like, 'You gotta at least have real Tupperware, if you're gonna sing about it!'"

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Hammack was a little surprised that her mom, who's typically a homebody, was so willing to participate in the process of making the song's music video; she even, begrudgingly, agreed to wear hot pink eyeliner for the occasion. Still, it was important to Hammack to bring as many of the people she loves as possible into the project, including her friends, her album's co-producer Mikey Reeves and even her dog.

"Like, this is my family," she adds. "What other excuse do I have but right now to bring my family into a video? So that's what we did."

In a nod to one of her lyrics, Hammack says she's fulfilling a "hand-me-down dream" in her pursuit of music, and in everything she does, she carries her family with her in some capacity. On the first day that "Family Tree" went to radio, her dad called her publisher's office asking how many stations had added the song to their rotation.

"My dad is really involved with it," Hammack says, "just because they're living in it from afar.

"My dad always told me that he loved football, and so God gave him a son that wanted to play football and was a great athlete, and went on to coach it. He said he loved tennis, and could never play, and so God gave him a daughter that was a tennis athlete," Hammack relates. "But more than anything, [he] loved music, and so God gave [him me]."

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