Hockey fans will surely love Carrie Underwood‘s stance when it comes to her hubby, Nashville Predators centerman Mike Fisher and on-ice fights. While most hockey wives might discourage their significant others from engaging in a round of fisticuffs, Underwood is the exact opposite. She encourages Fisher to get in there and clean his opponent’s clock, not because she advocates violence, but because she knows its par for the course and part of the game — and more importantly, that her husband can take care of himself.

When things get tense on the ice and he has to drop the gloves and throw punches, Underwood doesn’t cover her eyes or wince. She’s cheering him on like any diehard fan. “I’m like, ‘Get him, baby! Get him! Punch him! Hurt him!” the ‘Blown Away’ singer told Country Weekly. “I don’t enjoy it, but I know he can take care of himself, and I know he doesn’t mind fighting.”

She continued, “I’ve learned he’s a tough guy. Mike’s the kind of guy that does not complain. He could have, like, a broken ankle, and you’d never know it.”

Fisher just signed a two-year extension with the Predators, so he’s staying put close to his wife’s professional base of operations for awhile. That means she’ll be close by to mend broken noses and black eyes. Funny how these things work out.

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