Carly Pearce recently paid tribute to Dolly Parton by covering her 1980 song "9 to 5" on the Bobby Bones radio show.

The song, which Parton wrote, is dedicated to working men and women battling the daily grind as the lyrics ring out: "Workin' 9 to 5, / What a way to make a livin' / Barely gettin' by / It's all takin' and no givin' / They just use your mind / And they never give you credit / It's enough to drive you crazy / If you let it."

Though the lyrics are a bit heavy, Parton's original is an upbeat number that coincided with the 1980 comedy film 9 to 5, which Parton also starred in. However, Pearce's take on the classic involves a much slower tempo that makes the song less danceable and more visceral. In fact, Pearce's version (4:06) adds over a minute to Parton's original (2:48).

Pearce was joined in the studio by two band members, one on an acoustic guitar and one on a dobro, to add some country flavor to her smooth voice. Part of the 2017 class of country newcomers, Pearce doesn't have Parton's natural twang, but that's becoming less of a requirement in today's country music. Instead, she relies on her emotional vocal performances and strength of song to make her place in the genre, especially on her sentimental breakout single "Every Little Thing."

Pearce is currently on tour across the U.S. through September and released her latest song, "If My Name Was Whiskey," on June 23 via streaming services.

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