Bugs Bunny is no stranger to face-lifts. The wiseass cartoon rabbit has gone through many changes and incarnations since his debut in 1940's 'A Wild Hare.' And now he's going through another one -- which is either the second or third of the new millennium, depending on what you count.

Variety reports that Cartoon Network will reboot Bugs, as well as other beloved animated characters, for some new programs. The shows will begin rolling out over the next few months.

Bugs Bunny will star in 'Wabbit -- A Looney Tunes Production,' a half-hour show in which Bugs will square off against some familiar faces (Yosemite Sam -- yay!) as well as some new ones.

Cartoon Network also announced today that it will be revamping the cat-and-mouse team of Tom and Jerry for 'The Tom & Jerry Show' (premiering April 9), and 'Be Cool, Scooby Doo,' which Variety says will be about "the Scooby gang living it up for one last summer after high-school graduation." That one just sounds terrible.

Bugs is somewhat due for an overhaul. The network's recent 'The Looney Tunes Show' isn't bad, but making Bugs and Daffy Duck roommates was a wrong idea from the start. And Bugs' would-be girlfriend is super-annoying. Just get the rabbit back in a hole with a hairy, hot-tempered hillbilly firing guns at him, we say. That formula has worked for years!

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