Early in 2019, the Brothers Osborne solidified their place as one of country music's most dynamic and experimental live acts with a sold-out, three-night Ryman Auditorium residency. Onstage, the duo delighted the crowd with surprise guests and extended, improvisatory jam sessions on hits like "It Ain't My Fault" and "Shoot Me Straight," stretching some of the songs out for eight or 10 minutes each during their set.

Now, fans will get to relive all the fun: The duo announced backstage before a Nissan Stadium performance at CMA Fest 2019 that they plan to release a live album taped during their three-night Ryman run.

"In the middle of the Ryman shows that we did, we recorded them to put out our first live record," the group's TJ Osborne reveals. "So we'll put that out in the fall. We're releasing the track listing pretty soon ... so you'll get the ["It Ain't My Fault"] jam! Blare it ... all you want."

Improvisation and experimentation in their live shows is an important part of the group's onstage presence, and bandmate and brother John Osborne adds that they intentionally play live sets differently than they would in the studio. "Because if you just wanted to hear the record, then stay home and listen to the record. We wanted to make it special," he goes on to say. "We spend our lives practicing and getting better at improvising -- the last thing we wanna do is be great at improvising and not get to do it."

Even if some performances turn out to work a little more smoothly than others, that's part of the beauty of creating something one of a kind on stage, John adds. "That's actually what makes it special, because it's not the same damn thing every night," he says.

"We've had people that have come to 10, 20, 50, 60, 70 shows, and I think that's why they keep coming back, because they do get a bit of variation. Honestly, it's good for us. It's good for our soul. It's good for our integrity, just to get out there and keep it different, keep it spicy," John continues. "Otherwise it'll just get stagnant."

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