John and TJ Osborne of country duo Brothers Osborne confess that while they were thrilled to give the track "Good at Tonight" to David Nail for his new album Fighter, they now realize just how special the song is.

In an interview with the Boot, John Osborne tells the story of how they played the song for Nail, a good friend of theirs, and told them the song was his if he wanted it, adding that they had a "blast" singing on the track with him.

"And then, a couple months later, we saw him perform at Watershed [Country Music Festival], up in Washington State, and it was at that moment, we were like, ‘Damn! We should have cut that damn song. It’s so good!" Though Osborne admits they “totally missed the boat on that one," he also says they're "honored" to have their friend cut the song.

Nail loves the song just as much as Brothers Osborne, who co-wrote it with Troy Verges ("Day Drinking," "Wasted") and Barry Dean ("Pontoon," "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools"), saying that the first time he heard it, he didn't realize the guys were pitching it to him to record.

"I heard the demo and I was actually kind of mad," Nail tells Taste of Country, explaining that he when they pitched it he was afraid he'd fall in love with it and they'd decide to take it back to record for their themselves. "They were like, nah, man, if you love it, man, do it, so I said, 'I’m gonna do it, but there’s one stipulation: you have to sing on it."

Fighter, the fourth studio album from the "Let it Rain" singer, hit shelves in July of 2016. Mail split with MCA Nashville in February of 2017.

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