With just a couple more weeks to go before Brett Young's baby girl is due to arrive, the singer says that he and his wife, Taylor Mills, are busily preparing for the new addition.

"It feels like we're at a place where we have enough things in the house and the cars that we could keep her alive," Young tells The Boot and other outlets with a laugh. "Which is actually a good feeling, because that was a goal: to get to the 'keep her alive' place."

As if baby preparations alone weren't challenging enough, the couple also moved into a new home during Mills' pregnancy, meaning that they had to build an environment for their new daughter essentially from scratch.

"We bought a house this year. The house took a backseat, because the baby became the important thing," Young explains, adding that they triaged their efforts: "The house is empty, but the nursery's full."

Now that the basics are taken care of, Young goes on to say, he and Mills have turned their attention to finishing touches. "Now we're in the day-to-day of, like, 'She should probably have some art on the walls,'" he continues. "We're now kind of trying to style her out."

Young admits that, like any parents-to-be, he and his wife aren't sure they'll ever be ready to welcome their first child. "But everybody gives the same advice, you know?: 'You're never going to be ready, but you'll just figure it out.' So we're gonna try to stress about it as little as possible," he reflects. "She's coming, whether we like it or not!

"No, but we're fired up," Young adds. "My wife is a rockstar, so I will just try to keep my eyes open in case at any point she needs help."

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