Already, Brandi Carlile has had a big year in 2019: Three Grammy Awards wins to her credit, and even more nominations, thanks to her poignant 2018 album, By the Way, I Forgive You, among other major accomplishments. However, Carlile says, it's a note that recently showed up in the mail that's the icing on the cake.

On Thursday (March 14), Carlile shared on Instagram that she recently arrived home to what might just be the coolest piece of fan mail ever: a letter from former president Barack Obama. The note, on official Obama stationery, is short, but sweet: "You killed it at the Grammys. Couldn't be prouder of you. Congratulations."

"After all of it ... the Grammys, Ellen, my big vacation and the last week working with The Highwomen ... I come home to this," Carlile writes. "NOW I will finally cry. Thank you @barackobama you will always be my hero."

Obama has long been a fan of Carlile's, after he was introduced to her music by White House photographer Pete Souza. The former president even featured the artist on his favorite songs lists in both 2017 ("The Joke") and 2018 ("Every Time I Hear That Song").

Carlile tells Rolling Stone that Obama is a friend as well as a fan. The two have shared discussions on the topics of altruism and nobility.

“He’s a good and decent person, and he’s been a mentor to me for the better part of a decade," Carlile shares. "If I reach out to him, he’s always written me back. He’s always been a good person in my life. If I write a song that says something I think is important, he doesn’t tell me, he puts it on one of those goddamn lists and it hits me like a ton of bricks.”

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