Brad Paisley is the latest country star adapting to the coronavirus outbreak by taking his live shows online -- and he's taking requests.

On Wednesday (March 18), the country superstar posted a snapshot of himself holding up a piece of cardboard to his Instagram. "I'm taking requests from home, live 6PM Thurs. (Eastern)," the sign reads. He then listed a phone number where fans can text their song requests.

When Paisley goes live on Thursday evening (March 19), he may not be alone: The singer hinted that there might be some surprises in store, saying that he was looking forward to hanging with "Me, you, maybe some other friends" during the live-streamed show.

Paisley is one of a growing number of artists offering online shows during the pandemic, as the spread of the virus forces fans and artists alike inside their homes and away from large crowds. The self-quarantine is part of a country-wide "social distancing" initiative intended to stop the spread of the virus.

The boom of live-streamed shows comes after the country music touring industry came screeching to a halt in early March. Shows, festivals and even full tours have been put on hold, with the 2020 ACM Awards postponed until September and Nashville's Lower Broadway, a hub of live music and celebrity-owned bars, in a temporary shut-down.

To watch Paisley's show, tune in via his Instagram at 6PM ET on Thursday night.

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