Country rocker Boo Ray may have his roots in North Carolina and currently make his home in Tennessee, but he's got Georgia on his mind in his latest track, "Gone Back Down to Georgia." Ray is premiering the new song -- which will appear on his upcoming album, Tennessee Alabama Fireworks -- exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Gone Back Down to Georgia" is a hard-rocking, guitar-driven lament, telling the story of a love that keeps drawing him back in, even though it leaves him brokenhearted and licking his wounds every time. Despite its mournful subject matter, this tune is more of a gritty, driving, Southern track than it is a heartbreak ballad, with plenty of added oomph thanks to a lively rhythm section and twanging guitar solo. The lyrics may emphatically swear off the relationship, and on going "back down to Georgia," ever again, but the melody tells a different story, leaving listeners with the distinct feeling that he's far from finished with the state, and the love he left there.

"I'm a Western North Carolina boy living in Middle Tennessee, but my heart's down there in Georgia, man," Ray explains. ""Gone Back Down to Georgia" is a 'love gone wrong' salute from the bottom of a barrel of despair, where black humor, swallowed pride and ultimately forgiveness are the only escape valves."

In recording Tennessee Alabama Fireworks, Ray sought to capture the spirit of the 1970s' soul-inflected Southern rock that has long inspired him. The project was tracked live to tape at Welcome to 1979 Studio in Nashville, during sessions helmed by producer Noah Shain, over the course of five days.

"That 'Georgia singer-songwriter band sound' captured by Tom Down and Rodney Mills in the '70s means the world to me," Boo Ray continues. "Recording this new album live to tape ... was really conducive to lightning striking, and we captured some cool moments I can't wait for y'all to hear."

Tennessee Alabama Fireworks will be available on Feb. 15. In the meantime, visit to keep up to date with the artist.

Listen to Boo Ray, "Gone Back Down to Georgia":

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