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How's this for something you don’t see every day? A couple in Allen, Texas recently found a family of bobcats taking up residence in their backyard.

Jim Rose and his wife Dayle first made the discovery when they found some baby bobcats darting in and out of their fence posts. From their interview:

“They weren’t much more than six, eight inches,” said Jim.

“And still kind of shaky,” said Dayle.

Within days, they realized, they had a whole family – five kittens in all and one fiercely protective mother.

“You could just feel her eyes going right through you,” said Dayle, who’s been on the receiving end of a long glare.

The couple have steered clear of their backyard when the kittens are out, certain their mother would attack any perceived threat.

“I don’t want to look like I went through a paper shredder,” joked Jim

Television station KTVT-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth posted the video taken by Rose over the past month and a half.

According to the report from KTVT, the Roses believe the mother cat found a safe place under their deck after heavy rain fall in the area.

The baby cats will soon grow to be adults and the Roses have looked to find the family of bobcats a new home.

"It would make me very very happy for someone to come and relocate these animals somewhere,” Jim Rose told KTVT. "We called the Allen Police Department, the fire department, the veterinarian, a shelter. We called the state of Texas, wildlife and game. Everyone tells me the same thing. Nothing can be done."

The story also mentioned the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department does not relocate bobcats and doesn't perform many animal control duties.

The Roses said they hope the bobcats will eventually leave their backyard and take up residence somewhere else.

So tell us what you think about these bobcats making their home in a Texas backyard. Tell us on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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