In the latest promo for Season 3 of ‘The Voice,’ country’s own Blake Shelton talks about what he is most stoked about, from the Blind Auditions to the competition itself. He also reveals some of his strategies — though not too many.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, he rightfully calls himself the “returning champion,” since his contestant Jermaine Paul won Season 2. Don’t think for a second that Shelton won’t use the big win to his advantage during the blind audition phase, trying to lure competitors to his team by reminding them that he was victorious last spring!

Touting his status as the coach of the Season 3 winner isn’t the only tactic Shelton is resorting to in order to nab contestants for his team. He even pulled out his Male Vocalist of the Year award from the ACMs, which was hilariously tucked “accidentally” into his big red chair and poking him in the back — and used as a tool of bribery in this clip. It sure got the message across, though, that if you stick with him, you’re a winner!

In the spot, Shelton gets serious (for a hot second) and says, “My favorite thing is about going in the Blind Auditions, is that any moment, we could be hearing the next superstar.”

He also points out that some of his fellow coaches have something to prove. “One is not me, the other is not Adam,” he said about his bromance partner, since both have won ‘The Voice’ seasons already. He threw a playful diss at Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, who are winless so far.

Overall, though, Shelton stated that he also loves the effect that the show has on people and on music.

Season 3 of ‘The Voice’ kicks off on Sept. 10 on NBC. Tune in and see if Shelton can score back-to-back wins. He will have luck on his side, as he will be assisted by pop crooner Michael Buble as a mentor.

Watch a New ‘The Voice’ Season 3 Promo With Blake Shelton

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