Trailer Choir member "Bigg Vinny" Hickerson and his wife, Jenny Goforth Hickerson, have some big news: They've got a bun in the oven!

The Hickersons have revealed exclusively to The Boot that they are expecting a baby, their first child. Readers can press play above to hear a sweet song the couple wrote to share the exciting news.

"I'm so excited to be having a baby. I'm only 33, and she's 35, but we were wondering if we'd be able to even have kids," Hickerson tells The Boot. "She's done body-building and is in super-good shape, [but] doctors told her it would be hard for her to get pregnant, so we didn't know."

The Hickersons got married on Nov. 12, 2016.

"We decided we weren't going to try or get on a schedule or figure out how to have kids. When we got married, we immediately knew that we at least wanted to have kids, but we didn't want to necessarily put the pressure on it, so we said, 'If it happens, it happens,'" Hickerson continues, adding with a laugh, "Sure enough, it was exactly one month to the day after we got married that the baby was conceived ... I guess the doctors weren't quite as accurate as they thought they were!"

In addition to his music career as part of Trailer Choir with Marc “Butter” Fortney, Hickerson also works as a motivational speaker, following his major weight loss during his time on The Biggest Loser in 2011. The singer-songwriter says that he doesn't plan on slowing down much after Baby Hickerson arrives.

"The good thing is, I have a wife that understands, because she was an artist as well, and she's toured and played and done a lot of great things. She supports me completely in that," Hickerson explains. "The thing I think people don't think about a lot is, when you're touring and playing in shows, you work for long amounts of time, but when you're home, you're home for long amounts of time. So, I look at the quality of time you have when you are home.

"This is a learning experience for us," he adds. "We haven't obviously been here yet, so I'm sure I'll learn as I go, and get to experience it and learn."

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While Hickerson -- who was previously married to Lori Diaz, who had a son of her own -- admits that he's not concerned about whether his baby will be a boy or a girl, he does know that he'd parent them differently.

"I feel like if I have a little boy, then I'll be a strict dad -- not super strict, but I'll definitely make him mind and I'll be a little stern on him. I know I'll want him to grow up respectful of other people and love everybody and not judge people based on their situation or circumstances, so I'll definitely be a teacher in that aspect," Hickerson shares. "If it's a little girl, I'll probably be wrapped around her finger, and Jenny will have to be the disciplinarian. I've got three sisters, and I know I couldn't stand to see them cry, so I know I won't be able to stand to see her cry."

Boy or girl, though, the Hickersons will be instilling their love of fitness and being healthy in their child.

"I think we want to raise our kids in a very healthy lifestyle, obviously with where I come from and where I've been. With her knowledge, everything she's got from being a personal trainer for 16 years, I know that we want to teach our kids why it's proper to be healthy and all that kind of stuff," Hickerson notes. "I know that's a big deal for her, and for me as well."

The Hickersons' new addition is due on Sept. 6.

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