Every aspect of the James Bond mythology got an update in the Daniel Craig era, including all of his supporting characters. Moneypenny, for example, went from M’s flirty assistant into a kick-ass agent in her own right, played by Naomie Harris. One would think that in this age of cinematic universes that someone would try to spin Moneypenny off into her own movie — and apparently that someone is Barry Jenkins.

Appearing on Good Morning America earlier this week to promote Black and Blue, Harris confirmed that Jenkins, the director of Moonlight, has tried to get this project off the ground. “He’s wanted to do a badass, kick-ass action kind thing with Moneypenny, which I’m all for actually,” she explained. Harris said she even met with Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli to discuss the concept, but she “wasn’t so down for it.”

Watch the clip below:

With Craig’s Bond presumably retiring after with No Time to Die, it may just be bad timing to spin off one of his supporting cast. After all, Harris’ Moneypenny was added to the series in Skyfall as the Craig Bond’s version of that classic character. They might want a different Moneypenny for the next Bond. What if they cast a woman as Bond? Then they might want a male Moneypenny for her to bounce off of. No Time to Die opens in theaters on April 8, 2020.

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