Ashley McBryde and the members of her band, Deadhorse, have a handful of hometowns between them, so they get to play hometown shows in a variety of places. That's lucky, since the singer says her own hometown of Mammoth Spring, Ark., doesn't get particularly excited when she comes back.

"The town I grew up in, they don't really care about anything," McBryde explains. "They wouldn't say 'suey' if the hogs got 'em."

The singer has been open about how naysayers affected her and fueled her drive early on, and many of those naysayers came from close to home. She has encountered opposition from music industry members, teachers, and even, to a certain extent, her own father. McBryde used their doubts to strengthen her resolve, even writing her breakout song, "Girl Goin' Nowhere," about all of the people who told her she'd never make it in the music business. Still, the town where she grew up hardly bats an eye when she passes through.

However, that isn't the case in her bandmates' hometowns: "There are places like where my drummer's from, in Mountain Home, [Ark.], where they're really happy to see us come home," McBryde shares. "We've got a couple guys in the band from North Carolina, and they really show up for shows [when we play North Carolina], too. Fort Smith, Ark., where my mother lives, is very, very happy to see us come home."

So happy, in fact, that its residents all come out to see her shows. "They sold it out when we played at Fort Smith, and that's a really new thing for us. Selling out anything is really new for us. So we get super giddy," McBryde explains.

"Any time I see those red letters across the little digital poster, it's like, 'Sold out! Yes!'" she adds.

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