If you're itching for live country music, then Aaron Watson's new music video for "Silverado Saturday Night" might be your back scratcher. The outdoor party song's feel-good vibes are captured effortlessly by the singer and his band in this clip, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

"Silverado Saturday Night" is a new song from Watson's next studio album and the follow-up to the song "Whisper My Name." The Texan has kept working amid the coronavirus pandemic — there's an intentional homemade feel to this new music video that lines up with how we're supposed to be social distancing. But, with lyrics that speak to the freedoms of a weekend and a group of talented musicians sawing away on their instruments, you'll quickly find your self dreaming of a care-free festival season once again.

The live concept of this video is very 2020. The musicians are filmed mostly independent from one another, and each is shown in a separate square, as if on a Zoom call. We don't see any cute country girls or cowboys dusting off for a cold drink down at the tailgate, but you know they're there, perhaps waiting for you once we can take these dang masks off.

Talking to Taste of Country earlier this year, Watson said his next album (expected in 2021) will be steeped in country tradition, but accessible to a larger audience than the more artistic Red Bandana (2019).

"With Red Bandana (2019), rather than chase after something that you can't catch (radio airplay) I'm just going to focus on my art, focus on making a great product for the fans," he says. "That was fun. I think I'm going a little bit different route with American Soul. I think I'm shooting right down the middle, just making some good ol' country music."

Watson, Monty Criswell and Phil O’Donnell wrote "Silverado Saturday Night," a song released on digital service providers last Friday (Sept. 25). Watson has select touring dates planned for 2020, available at his website.

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