Aaron Watson stopped by the Taste of Country studio in Nashville to deliver a high-energy rendition of "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," and he tore the place up with a fun, playful — but still fierce — performance.

Watson and two of his band members performed very simply, seated on stools and dressed casually as Watson beat the rhythm out on an acoustic guitar, while the others accompanied him on mandolin and banjo. They brought a new slant to "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," elevating the energy of the studio recording to an even higher level with an ebullient performance that had even them smiling and laughing.

Click play on the video above to see the truly special chemistry Watson and his musicians have. They keep looking over at one another and smiling as they tear through the up-tempo bluegrass-inflected track, and Watson laughs into the mic as he delivers the line, "If he really wants a goodbye kiss / You tell him to go kiss it where the sun don't shine."

Watson has released "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" as the first single from his new album, Red Bandana, which dropped on June 21. Watson wrote every one of the album's 20 new songs, and the Texas-based country singer is sticking to his guns by adamantly continuing to release his new music independently.

For more information about Aaron Watson, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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