The year was 1908. Roosevelt was President. No, not FDR, but Teddy Roosevelt. Henry Ford was rolling out the Model-T car. Today, Cub's fans live in states that didn't exist in 1908, such as, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. Heck, Wrigley Field hadn't even been built.

Thanks to the folks at Barefoots World, here are some more fun facts from that magical year for the Chicago Cubs.

  • Average wage was 22 cents per hour
  • Average worker made $200 to $400 per year
  • There were only 8,000 cars and only 144 miles of paved roads
  • Maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph
  • Average worker cost 4 cents a pound
  • Eggs cost 14 cents a dozen
  • Coffee cost 15 cents a pound

In 1908, fans were paying around 25 cents to see the Cubs play in the World Series. That amount, by today's standards, would figure out to be closer to $6.00. In 2016, tickets to the series on StubHub are going for close to six thousand dollars, yes, $6,000.

A lot has changed over 108 years.

Sure, the Cleveland Indians won game one of the series last night, but that's only one game. That means there is still hope for all Cubs fans. Yes, it could happen!

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