In an attempt so show appreciation and respect to the San Angelo I.S.D. bus drivers, a breakfast will be given in their honor Thursday, April 7 at 8:30 a.m.


The breakfast will be held at the SAISD Transportation Department at 1725 St. Ann St.

Parents and local retired teachers are combining efforts to make sure the district’s 92 bus drivers and the department’s staff are generously fed!  This is the second year a breakfast has been given in honor of the district’s bus drivers.

According to the district’s public information officer, Jamie Highsmith, the district has 97 buses: 59 regular, 30 equipped for special needs, and 8 charters.

Each day 3,500 students ride a bus to school and then home again.  The SAISD buses cover over 500,000 miles of bus routes annually. That doesn't include trips-- just the school routes.

With the very lives of our children in the able hands of the district’s drivers, it is fitting to honor them in this thoughtful manner.