Tuesday, at approximately 2:28 p.m., San Angelo Public Safety Communications began to receive multiple 911 calls regarding a reckless driver that was headed south on Chadbourne near the public transit facility.  Shortly after, dispatch received calls regarding a traffic crash at the area of N. Chadbourne and 5th Street.
Police responded to the area and located a black 2002 Hyundai Sonata disabled on the southwest portion of the intersection of N. Chadbourne and 5th, facing westbound in the eastbound lane.  The car had impact damage across the front of the vehicle.  The vehicle’s occupants, a 30-year-old male and a 31-year-old female, were injured from of the crash.  San Angelo Fire Department personnel were called to the scene to assess their injuries.  The man and woman were treated at the scene and released.  A secondary vehicle and additional victims to the crash were not located at the location.

While at the scene, officers located shell casings from an unknown weapon near the vehicle.  At this time, police are investigating if the shell casings are related to the crash incident.  Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division and the Crime Scene Investigations Section were also called to the scene to assist.

During the course of the field investigation, investigators learned that the initial crash occurred in the 1100 block of N. Oakes Street between the Hyundai and a green Dodge Durango.  After the collision, the Hyundai left the scene and struck a signpost in the unit block of W. 5th, causing it to spin before coming to a stop in the eastbound lane.  The Durango was later located abandoned in the 1100 block of N. Oakes Street.  The driver of the Durango has not been identified, and at the time of this release, no victims have come forward.

Police have questioned several witnesses at multiple locations, however; it is unclear which driver was at fault.

Investigators with the San Angelo Police Department have continued their investigation into yesterday’s incident at 5th and Chadbourne Street.

At this point in the investigation, investigators have spoken with multiple witnesses who were at or near the public transit facility located at 5th and Chadbourne.  No witnesses have reported seeing any gunfire take place at the location.  In addition, police have reviewed video surveillance footage from several commercial properties, and in reviewing the footage, no evidence can be seen that a shooting ever took place in the immediate area or the path preceding where the black Hyundai Sonata came to rest after colliding with a fixed object in the roadway.

As indicated in the previous release, police located spent shell casings on the ground near the vehicle.  At this point in the investigation, there is no indication that those shell casings were related to this incident, and it appears the casings could have been on the ground for some time.  After carefully processing the Hyundai for evidence and assessing the damage to the vehicle, police have determined that there is no evidence or visible damage that supports the vehicle sustained any bullet impact.  The damage located on the vehicle appears to be consistent with impact sustained during a crash with another vehicle and fixed objects.  Police have also learned that the Hyundai had body and window damage from prior incidents unrelated to this.  Upon processing the Durango and assessing the damage, police have determined the damage was caused by impact with another vehicle.  No evidence of bullet impact was located on the Durango.

As indicated in the previous release, this incident was initially dispatched after receiving several calls for service about a reckless driver and a traffic crash.  A records check into yesterday’s calls for service has shown that no calls came in by 911 or the non-emergency line to report “Shots Fired”.  Investigators have processed the area of the initial crash incident at the 1100 block of N. Oakes as well as the area of travel to 5th and Chadbourne.  Police have not located any evidence of a shooting nor have any witnesses or victims come forward to report injury or property damage from potential stray bullets.

At this time, police believe that the drivers of the Hyundai and Durango were involved in an unknown dispute before the vehicle collision.  At this time, the nature of the dispute is unknown and the driver of the Durango has not been positively identified or located.

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