Finding rewarding entertainment options for kids is a never-ending quest for parents. Not only do you want the kids to be entertained, but finding kid friendly dining options and activities that educate and entertain is always a top priority for parents.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash
Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

So, we've put together a list of some Kid Friendly activities for families here in San Angelo

1. Fort Concho: 630 S. Oakes St. San Angelo

Most kids love cannons and stories that resemble the "Old West movies many have seen on t.v. Fort Concho is an old cavalry fort and home of the famed "buffalo soldiers" Fort Concho is set up to offer compelling tours and often has events where staff dress in period costumes and conduct re-enactments.

2. San Angelo State Park: 3900-2 Mercedes Rd San Angelo

This nearly 8-thousand acre park on O.C. Fisher Lake has 50 miles of some of the best trails in Texas. The park has a variety of activities for families from camping, to kayaking.  There are ample opportunities to see animals from wild turkeys to Texas Longhorn cattle, javelinas, armadillos, deer and even buffalo.

There is also a playground under construction on the South side of the Park near the Red Arroyo Campground.  The playground is in the building stage and should be ready soon.

3. San Angelo Nature Center: 7409 Knickerbocker Rd San Angelo

Kids love animals and there's no better place in the area to see them than at the San Angelo Nature Center.  From cute and cuddly to dangerous poisonous snakes (behind very protective glass) there is a large collection of animals and other exhibits sure to entertain the kids and other family members at the San Angelo Nature Center. They offer group tours, which are very informative focusing on the animals native to our region of Texas.

4.Railway and Heritage Musuem: 703 S. Chadbourne St. San Angelo

Let's face it, most kids love trains. The museum is housed in a historic two story brick passenger depot built in 1910. There are 7 full size railroad engines and cars inside and out. There are 5 running model train layouts that are perfect for the kids. Kids can see and tour a caboose.  In fact there are many vintage railroad cars and locomotives on display and available to see and tour.


5. Think in a Box Escape Room: 123 E. Concho Ave. San Angelo

Escape rooms are all the rage.  They are great for team building and honing your analytical skills. Normally, escape rooms require skills that kids have not yet developed.  However, at Think in a Box Escape Room, many younger children enjoy both their Money Slime and Gold Rush Cabin escape rooms.  These escape rooms are a great way for a whole family to enjoy a challenge together.

6. Stadium Lanes Bowling Center: 2105 Knickerbocker Rd. San Angelo

Kids love bowling.  Kids love arcades.  Kids love a snack bar with incredible kid's menu. So,  Stadium Lanes Bowling Center is the perfect place for the afternoon. There are plenty of bumper alleys, perfect for young bowlers who don't want to be discouraged by an endless barrage of "gutter balls" Teen Kids will love the music and light shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and everyone will love the budget friendly pricing.

Photo by Ella Christenson on Unsplash
Photo by Ella Christenson on Unsplash

7. Kid's Kingdom 290 W. River Dr. San Angelo

The Kid's Kingdom is a large playground across the river from downtown. Kids can run across bridges, slide the slides, and climb and jump to their heart's content. There is even a special play area for the kids under 5.  The playground is fenced and there are restroom accommodations on site. The whole play area is beautifully designed and it is hard to keep the kids in the car, until you're ready to go. This is just another delightful reason why San Angelo is the perfect destination for families with kids.

8 The Bosque: 350 S. Irving Street San Angelo

The allure of mini golf designed by one of the best designers in the game awaits children and adults alike right by the Concho River in San Angelo. The Bosque not only offers mini golf, but bocce ball, sand vollyball, oversized chess and so many activities to tire out even the most hyper active child or adult. There are paddleboats for rent and a leisurely glide on the Concho River is a memorable part of any visit to The Bosque.

9. Sports Next Level: 2838 College Hill Blvd. San Angelo

This is so much more than a great place for athletes to hone their skills. It is like the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat. You can practice your swing in state of the art batting cages. Work on your fastball. Tee off at Pebble Beach. If soccer is your sport of choice, go for the net while fans cheer you on. You can even work on your passing game in your quest to become the next Tom Brady. You can even battle the undead in a game of Zombie dodgeball.  Plus, when all that movement and gamesmanship works up an appetite, they've got you with patio cuisine at the Next Level Grill. Sports Next Level is also a great place for many engaging special events all year long.

10. Ultimate Air Trampoline Park: 4169 W. 306 Loop San Angelo

If you're kids are into "catching air" in a trampoline park voted one of the best anywhere, then San Angelo is the perfect place.  The Ultimate Air Trampoline park offers thrills for kids who have a heart for jumping to new heights. There's a special spot for the youngest bouncers. There's a zipline, rock wall, and a ninja course.  The dazzling light effects will create a memorable sensory experience that no kid or adult is soon to forget.

Photo: Best American Trampoline Parks via YouTube
Photo: Best American Trampoline Parks via YouTube

11. Tule Princess Steamboat: 2680 Fisherman's Rd San Angelo

Lake Nasworthy is picturesque anytime you visit. When you add all the kid friendly excursions available, and you have a prime destination for "kids" of all ages. There are rentable 4-5 person Paddleboats. There are kayaks. You can also take a 50 minute excursion tour on an actual "Walking Beam" style paddle wheel steamboat the "Tule Princess"  The kids will love it when the sound of the horn cuts through the serenity of a a sailing journey they will never forget.

12. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue: 8317 Duckworth Rd. San Angelo

Where else in the world can your kids see over 1000 friendly donkeys?  The Peaceful Valley Donkey rescue is the world's largest rescue organization.  Five minutes around these incredible, affectionate animals and you come away with a keen understanding that all the popular stereotypes about these animals are completely wrong. These overgrown puppy dogs come in a variety of beautiful colors.

Photo by Joseph Browning for Townsquare Media
Photo by Joseph Browning for Townsquare Media

You can even meet a donkey named after Betty White, who was a big contributor to the rescue.  Tours can be scheduled most day by appointment.

Photo by Joseph Browning Townsquare Media
Photo by Joseph Browning Townsquare Media

13. Angelo State University Planetarium: 2333 Vanderventor Ave. San Angelo

Space truly is the final frontier. It is a magical domain to kids who dream of taking a journey to the stars.  Here in San Angelo, kids can wish on 500-million stars. Literally, the Sci-Dome projector can project 500 million celestial objects.  The Angelo State University Planetarium is better than state-of-the-art. The shows are entertaining and educational. Once your child experiences the limitless possibilities so vividly imaged at this Planetarium, they will never see the  the night sky the same way again. A visit here, will forever populate your child's dreams with visions of what is possible in a universe as magnificent and limitless as ours.



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