photo courtesy of Texas Dept. of Transportation

This week is the 2012 National Work Zone Awareness Week.  (April 23-27).This morning,  Karen Threlkeld, the public information officer for the San Angelo district of the Texas Department of Transportation, dropped by to visit with me on-air about how important it is that we all pay attention while driving through work zones areas.  In case you missed listening to the interview, here's some important facts she shared me.

At any one time, there are more than a thousand work zones in operation here in Texas alone.

In 2010, our state recorded 12,948 accidents and 100 fatalities in work zones.

Karen, also offered up some safe driving tips in work zones:

Slow down and expect the unexpected.

Pay attention to posted signs and obey road crew flaggers.

Stay alert and minimize distractions like talking or texting on that cell phone.

Remember the workers are there to do their jobs and they want to get home safely too.

In short, we all need to take responsibility for work zone safety and not just this week but every-time we get behind the wheel.  Slow it down.  Please don't barrel through work zones.  Let's all pay attention and drive safely.