Today and Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tune in for your chance to win a free download of the Eli Young Band's newest song, 'Turn It On' EP. Call 325-658-1177 and be number 7.

Since we absolutely love giving away free stuff to our wonderful listeners you will have a full two days with numerous chances to win. If you don't know to much about the Eli Young Band, here's a quick iTunes bio:

The 4-man band started in Denton, Texas when MIke Eli and James Young were randomly placed together in a dorm their freshman year. After some singing and songwriting they formed the Eli & Young duo. Eventually, Jon Jones and Chris Thompson joined the two guys and that is when the Eli Young Band was formed. You might recognizes some of their hit songs: 'Crazy Girl', Drunk Last Night', 'When It Rains', and 'Always The Love Songs' to just name a few.