Here's a few of the best things that come with living in San Angelo according to Boomer.


1. The Concho River! We are blessed with a river that runs through town. It's central location next to parks, the Museum of Fine Arts, and other landmarks makes it the
crown jewel of the downtown area.

2. Trees! When I moved here from Odessa 12 years ago, I was amazed by the amount of trees. It would be appropriate to note that Odessa could have been named "Notrees"; oh wait, there's already a Notrees!

3.Lakes! Even though the lakes are low on water, there are still more bodies of
water here than other places in West Texas. We all get to enjoy the lake when the drag boat races come to town!

4. Generous People! While other communities I've lived in could be described as generous, I can say that I've never seen a community that's as giving of time, money, and volunteerism as the great folks of San Angelo are! Lots of charities thrive here due to the outstanding generosity of many in San Angelo!

5. Food! There are lots of great restaurants that serve outstanding food and serve the community as well!

6.Great Location! San Angelo is centrally located in Texas, which makes trips to the Metroplex, Austin, San Antonio, and other places relatively easy.

7.Great Place to call home! I'm proud to call San Angelo home!

These are a few of the best reasons to live here, and I know there are many more
that you can think of as well. Let's be glad we can call San Angelo home!