Any Lab Test Now is offering tests for West Nile Virus.

 According to the CDC West Nile update on August 14th, there have been 693 cases of the West Nile virus reported so far in 2012, the highest number of cases reported since it was first detected in the United States 13 years ago. Twenty-six of those resulted in death, and that number continues to rise.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® offers a simple IGG and IGM antibody blood test that can detect the virus. With increasing concerns in the community, it can help give people much needed peace of mind. If the virus is detected or an individual develops symptoms, they can consult with their physician quickly for appropriate care. This is especially true for pregnant or nursing mothers. 

“With the number of deaths reported continuing to rise each day, it is now more important than ever for us to provide this type of testing , allowing consumers to take control of their health,” said Jana Braden, Owner. “We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced lab tests for children and adults.”  A doctor’s order is provided and no appointment is necessary.   Our contact number is 325-227-6804.