Vaudeville Etiquette have released a new music video for their song 'Oh,' off of their debut album 'Debutantes & Dealers.'

The Seattle-based quintet shot the video over two days in their hometown's Discovery Park. The video was directed by the band's front man, Bradley Laina, and also features footage from the individual band members' home videos.

"We produced and shot it ourselves, and we incorporated very real intimate moments from the bands' personal lives," Laina says. "This is us at our simplest, sweetest, and most vulnerable."

'Oh' is the second single released from the album, which was released in April on Sunyata Records.

"’Oh’ is a potential love song. It points to the prospects of love instead of singing back to it in hindsight," says co-vocalist Tayler Lynn. "We wanted to strip down the composition of the song because it's really about stripping yourself raw and asking to be loved, flaws and all."

'Debutantes and Dealers' is available on iTunes and Amazon. A list of upcoming tour dates can be found at