United Blood Services has issued an immediate need for Platelets!

The UBS Center will be open this Saturday from 9 until 3 and everyone is encouraged to donate blood, or especially Platelets! Platelets are used in large quantities for those who need transfusions after chemo treatments (such as 6 year old Avery Sickels, who is fighting leukemia),
heart surgeries, and anemia patients. Platelets help to stop bleeding.
Everyone who donates will get movie passes or a free car wash, along with Texas Roadhouse
goodies, Julio's Chips, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and the chance to win that 40 inch flat screen tv from
Best Buy!
The Labor of Love Blood Drive continues tomorrow and on Sunday at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Avenue N from 9-2. Please Give the Gift of Life..GIVE BLOOD OR PLATELETS this weekend with KGKL!