What happens when you get a golf cart, 59 cones,goggles that simulate being overserved with alcohol and Boomer, Andi, David, Lauren & Michelle? A lesson on not drinking or texting and driving!

Ok, these goggles simulate having more alcohol than the legal limit in Texas!

Andi and a KLST cameraman take a ride through the course of cones.

Here's the view through goggles that simulate over 3 times the legal limit! That translates
to over a 1/2 a bottle of whiskey.

Boomer on the course and getting a field sobriety test. If this was a real situation, he gets a free trip to jail with a DWI charge!

Lauren gets some directional assistance from our friends at TxDot!

Sgt. Ron Sanders and Officer Brian Bylsma show Lauren the Field Sobriety Test. Unfortunately for her, she didn't pass!

Michelle tries the cone course while texting.

Todd with TxDot and Sgt. Ron tell Michelle about how many accidents are caused by texting and driving.

David takes on the course! Thanks to Todd, Karen, and the guys with the Texas Department of Transportation for the cones and the "drunk goggles". Thanks to Hawkins Batteries and Golf Carts for the golf cart. Thanks to Sgt. Ron Sanders, Officer Brian Bylsma, San Angelo Live and the ASU Police Department for your assistance in helping
to remind everyone that it's better to get a Sober Ride Home!