With the Dusk Till Dawn Zombie Run 5K coming up October 25th, we searched the internet to find some of the best (and easiest) DIY zombie costume tutorials. And, the best part about all of these costumes, they can all done for less than $20! If you haven't registered to run, do it now right here -- or print your waiver and register the day of!

1. The 'I just got bit" zombie -- Almost everything this girl uses is from your everyday makeup box (with the exception of the bite kit). However, never fear, video number 3 shows you how to get around buying the kit.

2. The 'I just ate, and I'm still hungry' zombie -- this look can also be achieved with a easy kit bought at Walmart or a Halloween store.

3. Putrefying Wound -- All you need is some Elmer's Glue, foundation, pencil, and fake blood and you have a very realistic rotting skin look.

4. The "I'm still sexy, even though I am dead" zombie -- this is slight more complex, but the end result is well worth it, and can be adapted to fit other costume idea.

4. The 'Oatmeal Wounds' -- this tutorial features cuts and bites made out of a little fake eyelash glue and oatmeal. Who would have thought?