Tim Poe may have just set a record for the shortest singing career in history!

"Country contestant Tim Poe won the judges over on ‘America’s Got Talent’ on Monday (June 4) with his rendition of ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ by Garth Brooks. The fact that Poe stuttered and claimed to be suffering from brain damage as a result of serving his country in Afghanistan helped to win people over even more. However, it seems that Poe may not have been entirely truthful about his injuries".
See our other story about all the details on the information that contradicts what Poe said onstage.

I find it sad that Poe goes onstage, knowing that millions of people are watching, and is dumb enough to think that someone won't be checking all the facts of his "story". He certainly didn't realize that there are a lot of people whose sole purpose in life is waiting  for the opportunity to drag someone through the mud for lying. He also didn't stop to think that most people do not like those who pose as military heroes.


I have been playing country music on the radio for a long time, and I know that country music fans are the most generous and caring folks on this planet. However, there is no faster way to get on our bad side than to lie and misrepresent military service.

I hope Tim enjoyed  his 3 minutes of fame onstage, and I hope to not see him again in Las Vegas!

Tell me what you think about Tim faking a war injury to help improve his chances on America’s Got Talent by commenting below.