181 Chili Cooks and over 60 barbeque teams roll in to Marble Falls to see who's the Best at the Howdy Roo Chili and Barbeque Cookoff!

Carrie doesn't mind carrying her assistants around in a wagon!

Ralph and Dee Hay stop for a quick picture, and "Scout" doesn't want to be left out! Congratulations to Dee, who Won 5th Place!

There's a lot of smoke in the park that's coming from all sizes and styles of barbeque rigs!

Pits of all sizes from the backyard smoker

To this custom rig!

A new brand: John Beere!

Mary Ellen, Boomer, and Connie help with chili turn in!

Everyone's getting ready for chili turn in!

Ruby Ross is the 44th Howdy Roo Chili Champion! Congratulations Ruby!
Top 10 Winners were: 1st:Ruby Ross, 2nd:Debbie LaLanne, 3rd: Randy Pittman, 4th:Dana Plocheck, 5th: Dee Hay, 6th: Dianne Lewis, 7th: Chuck Spischock, 8th: Sara Anderson, 9th: Kathryn Cavender, 10th: Debbie Kriska.
Showmanship Winners were: 1st: Candi Kisses, 2nd: Schlicke Traveling Circus, 3rd: Boop Chili! Congratulations to all the Chili, Show, and Barbeque Winners!

This young man loves this rib! He just might be the next generation barbeque cook or judge!
Boomer would like to say Thanks to Doc & Carrie Kinnison and all the great volunteers of Howdy Roo for the hospitality and a great cookoff! This is the largest regional chili championship in Texas and benefits many charities in the Marble Falls area!
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