Farm Bureau Members volunteer to get 1,450 hamburgers cooked for lots of hungry folks who will be dropping by in a few minutes.

Here's another full grill of delicious hamburgers. This annual event is designed to let everyone know that Americans have the safest, and most plentiful supply of food in the world, thanks to hard work and efforts of our farmers and ranchers.

All of us at KGKL are proud to have been a part of this tasty event again this year.

These guys can put together a complete hamburger with all the trimmings in 20 seconds or less! Each hamburger was sold for 50 cents, which is the amount of money a farmer or rancher makes off the sale of a $5.00 hamburger that you would buy at a restaurant or fast food franchise.

The line is a little long, but the wait is well worth it! The burgers are awesome, and well worth 50 cents or a donation of 2 cans of food. All cash and cans benefit Meals for the Elderly, who feed over 700 senior and home-bound people every day.