Today is Teacher Appreciation Day! It's also a day that I can recognize my Mom for all her hard work as a teacher at Kermit Junior High for 33 years!

My mom taught 7th grade language arts at Kermit Junior High for just over 33 years. She left behind a legacy of being a strict teacher, but a teacher who inspired her students to do their best. There was a discussion about her on the Kermit Memories Facebook page a few months ago and all who posted were appreciative of her efforts. I know that my appreciation of reading, writing, and spelling was because of her efforts, and I will always be grateful that she was my mom.

I had the privilege of presenting our "Teacher of The Week" Award to Jill Kellermeier last week, and before the award ceremony started, a teacher stopped and told us that Mrs. Kellermeier was an outstanding teacher who not only did a great job teaching math, but also inspired all students with her school spirit and "can do" attitude. She was nominated by 3 students who all said Mrs. Kellermeier made Math "fun" (not a word usually associated with math), and were also inspired by her school spirit at many Ballinger High School events.

Today, or sometime this week, make sure you thank a teacher for all that they do for our children on a daily basis. Teaching is a tough job that requires dedication and perseverance, and each and every teacher deserves a pat on the back for all their efforts. 

Thanks, teachers.  Enjoy Teacher Appreciation Day and look for our Teacher of the Week Pictures under the "Events" tab on this site.