Who says Taylor Swift is for the birds? The birds do! Check out this amazing video of a funny pet bird totally getting his groove on to Swift's latest ridiculously catchy hit, 'Shake It Off.'

The white-plumaged bird makes rocking out look easy as Swift's booty-shakin' video plays in the background. Bobbing his head to the music and moving around on top of his cage, flexing and flailing his white feathers, this bird has no problem "getting down to this sick beat," as Swift encourages in the song.

Showing what a great sport she is, Swift re-tweeted the fan-made Vine video herself, adding the caption: "How was I to know, upon writing it, that a bird would one day rage THIS hard to #ShakeItOff..." Even the star herself can't anticipate how insanely catchy and fun her music can be -- no matter what species is listening in!

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