The Drag Boats were smokin' through the water at the 6th Showdown in San Angelo!
It's takes a lot of work and preparation to go down the liquid quarter mile at well over 150 miles an hour!

The Dirty Duck gets ready to get wet!|

Don't mess with "The Desperado"!

One final check before the boat goes into the water.

It looks fast just sitting on the trailer!

Let's get lined up and race!

This young man has an easy ride to the races!

Ok, come on back.

Whoa, watch the rope!


Watch the ropes!

We will be watching!

The slowest part of this trip is the tow out to the starting line.

The bigger the rooster tail, the higher the speed.

Racers on the same team have to compete against each other to see who will advance to the semi-finals

Top Fuel Quarterfinals are LOUD! The top 2 categories of boats are so loud that the ground shakes when they take off from the starting line.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and Won Schlitterbahn Tickets!