Meals For The Elderly has partnered with Sunset Mall for a fourth year to host a senior gifting program for their homebound elderly clients in Tom Green County aptly named “Seniors Still Believe,” helping bring seniors Christmas cheer and hope this holiday season.
From now till December 6th, the Seniors Still Believe tree will be located near the South entrance of Sunset Mall, near Barbed Wire & Roses. The tree holds the Christmas gift wishes of seniors on individual paper ornaments. To make a senior’s wish come true, participants simply pick an ornament off the tree. Each ornament shares the senior’s name, their Christmas gift wish, and sizes if needed.

To help grant a senior’s Christmas wish, visit the Seniors Still Believe tree in the mall, shop for the items listed, and return the items with the ornament to either the Meals For The Elderly office at 310 E. Houston Harte, or to the box in front of Barbed Wire & Roses inside south entrance of the mall before December 6, 2013.

Many Meals For The Elderly clients do not have family or friends nearby to help them and they often feel lonely during the holidays. Meals For The Elderly hopes that through the Seniors Still Believe tree, the community will brighten the bleak winter season for their homebound elderly neighbors and show them that they have not been forgotten.

Meals For The Elderly clients are elderly or disabled, homebound, and unable to prepare meals for themselves, so they are limited in their mobility when it comes to preparing for the holidays and experiencing the joys of the season.

“The Seniors Still Believe program is built from our conviction that the generous spirit of Christmas should be felt by everyone, regardless of age,” President & CEO Charlyn Ocker said. “Our clients Christmas wishes are usually things we take for granted: they ask for a warm robe, blanket, or even a space heater for their home. The point is making them feel cared for and remembered even if they don’t have family and have outlived their support network.”

For more information about the Seniors Still Believe program, contact Meals For The Elderly at 325-655-9200 or go online to