Scotty McCreery let some lucky fans get intimate with him during CMA Music Fest. The singer played a few songs (and one awesome cover) and answered fan questions while at the Sirius XM studio in Nashville. He even brought his parents along for the day!

McCreery played new songs and old ones for fans who hung on every lyric -- dancing and singing along occasionally. He also let his fans in on a little secret. It was almost Evan McCreery that had a fan base, not Scotty. It wasn't until his folks were on their way to the hospital to deliver him that they made the snap decision to name their future son Scott, according to the 'See You Tonight' singer's dad.

In between playing 'Now' and 'Buzzin'' with his five-piece band, he discussed everything from baseball (he's a dedicated Red Sox fan) to previous CMA Fest experiences. Apparently one year he got a little too much attention from a female fan. The lady is a true fangirl -- and maybe a little crazy. "She thinks we're in a relationship," he says about the girl. She "tried to put the move on me in the meet and greet." Luckily, he hadn't seen her this year!

McCreery took a few minutes to tell his fans how he picks songs, write songs and gets ready for a new album in general. He and his crew have one starting place when they're gearing up for new tunes. "We're basically trying to figure out what we want to say," he explains adding, "I love getting in the studio." As far as his newest record is concerned, he says it took a year and a half to make and it's a "lot more reflective" of who he truly is.

During his five-song set, he took a minute to gush on one of his favorite country artists and even play one of his songs. McCreery is a huge Garth Brooks fan (who isn't?!) and said if the legend didn't have an opener for one of his shows, he would gladly fill in -- for free. He then broke into a solid rendition of 'Papa Loved Mama.' Although he sat for the other four songs, he really let the music take over while performing the song -- moving his barstool to the side.

Since the home invasion happened so recently, he took a few minutes to relive the incident and let his fans know he's ok. It happened when him and his friends were "kind of havin' a bro night." They'd gotten some food and were watching 'Gladiator.' McCreery says, "I didn't even have a chance to finish my fries." When the intruder pointed the gun and demanded their laptop and iPods, he handed them over without thinking. The gunman even asked for car keys -- which McCreery says he was more than willing to give away to save his (and his friends) lives.

"I was more than willing to give away my friend's car," he says with a laugh.

Fans were really curious about when a video would be released for his newest song, 'Feelin' It.' Now that CMA Fest is finished, he's heading to the beach to start filming it. What a perfect venue for a summer anthem. It's already a fan-favorite and the ladies seemed to love it when he sang about his "baby givin' me a kiss." It was the perfect ending for his intimate afternoon with fans.