SAPD Pistol Team wins big at recent National Shooting Competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Members of the San Angelo Police Department’s Pistol Team attended the National Police Shooting Competition.  The team competed in over thirty Handgun Matches, one Shotgun Match, a Police Pistol Combat Match, and a 3-Gun Match, which requires shooters to use a rifle, shotgun and handgun.  The Team attended the competition with money raised from fundraisers held in the months prior to the event.

In the team categories, the SAPD won the following:
4-Man Revolver (Overall winner Marksman Class)
4-Man Semi-Automatic (Overall winner Marksman Class)
4-Man Service Weapon (Municipal Class)

In the individual shooter categories, team members won the following:

Bobby Elrod
1st Stock Auto Municipal Classified
3rd Stock Revolver Municipal Classified

Brandon Farris
1st Grand Champion (Aggregate of Semi-Auto and Revolver) Classified
1st Off Duty Pistol Classified
1st Match 3 Classified
2nd Open Class 300 Classified
2nd Stock Service Aggregate Classified
2nd Stock Revolver Classified
2nd Match 5 Revolver Classified
3rd Distinguished Revolver Classified
5th Stock Semi-Auto Classified

Brian Gesch
2nd Overall winner Match 10 Semi-auto Marksman
2nd Municipal Grand Aggregate Semi- Auto Match 21 Marksman
3rd Overall winner Semi-Auto Match 13 Marksman
4th Municipal Semi-auto Match 14 Marksman

Rusty Herndon
1st Overall Revolver winner Match 1 Sharpshooter
1st Municipal Revolver winner Match 5 Sharpshooter

Chris Heronema
1st Service Revolver Municipal Marksman
3rd Service Semi-Auto Municipal Marksman