Around 5:00 a.m., Wednesday morning, San Angelo Police were dispatched to the Walmart Superstore located at 5501 Sherwood Way for the report of a suspicious woman running back and forth to a vehicle that appeared to be brand new, with no license plate, and plastic on the seats.


Officers arrived and met with a Walmart Employee who directed Officers to the vehicle and suspicious woman.  The woman was detained and identified as 27-year-old Kathryn Alice Eggenberger of San Angelo.  Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, a white 2017 Honda Accord, Officers observed information on the vehicle which led them to believe the car may be stolen.

Officers reviewed the store’s security footage, which showed Eggenberger arrived in the Honda as a passenger driven by a male, later identified as 23-year-old Travis Clements of San Angelo.  Clements was quickly located and detained in the Walmart parking lot.

Additional Officers responded to Honda of San Angelo located at 4334 Sherwood Way and discovered the dealership’s gates had been forced open from the inside and vehicle parts were located on the ground, which was consistent with the damage located on the Honda located at Walmart.  In addition to the damaged gate, Officers also located an open door.  It was later confirmed through a dealership representative that the Honda was stolen from their inventory along with several sets of keys.

Subsequent to the field investigation, Eggenberger and Clements were arrested for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.  During a search of Clements incident to his arrest, Officers located several Honda keys.  The keys and the recovered stolen vehicle were released back to a dealership representative.

Detective Lynn Dye is assigned to this case.