The 34th Santa's Market and Goodfellow Community Appreciation Day is a fun day of shopping and military demonstrations by the great men and women at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

The High Bay is full of wonderful Christmas shopping from over 100 vendors!

There's something for everyone at Santa's Market!

There's so much to see!

And so much to buy!

Linguistic experts show us how to quickly learn languages!

Here's one of the fire training areas.

Land Shark with a Light Sabre!

Cool Jet!

"Sparky" & "Rattler" are having fun!

These Patriotic Gentlemen are getting everyone fired up for the team competition!

Here's a little bit of the team spirit from the competition!

The first team starts the competition.
Thanks to all the men and women at Goodfellow who bravely serve our country each and every day, and Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this event!