If you have outstanding City warrants and don't want your name published in the newspaper, you must contact the Municipal Court no later than this Wednesday, Feb. 20. If you fail to do so, you will also be targeted in an annual warrant roundup involving the City Marshal’s Office, the San Angelo Police Department, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, and other area law enforcement agencies.

The Municipal Court has a backlog of approximately 28,600 outstanding warrants involving about 8,300 defendants dating back to 2000. The Class C misdemeanor warrants cover traffic violations; criminal offenses such as issuance of a bad check, theft, criminal mischief and assault, and City code citations for garbage, weeds, junk and unsanitary conditions. The warrants also include charges of failure to appear for a court date, to pay a fine or to comply with a court order, and contempt of court.

Chief City Marshal John Gonzales said publication of warrant lists helps generate leads that officers pursue during roundups. Last year’s roundup resulted in 365 arrests.
“The threat of having your name published in the newspaper and of law officers actively seeking to arrest you has proven to be powerfully persuasive in prompting people to address their outstanding warrants,” Gonzales said. “We’ll never fully eliminate outstanding warrants, but the annual roundup decreases the number significantly.”

To determine whether or not you have an outstanding warrant, you can call (325) 657-4368.

Payment of fines can be made in full at municipalonlinepayments.com/sanangelotx; by phone with a credit card at (325) 657-4365; or in person at the Muncipal Court, 110 S. Emerick St., from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays with cash, cashier’s checks, money orders or credit card; personal checks are not accepted.

The court will consider extenuating circumstances, and arrangements may be made at the court. Restitution must be paid in full. Fines may be paid off through participation in the court’s community work plan.