Republic Services has completed delivery of the 96-gallon trash bins that will be used when new trash services launch Monday, July 20.

Residential customers who have not received their carts should call Republic Services, the City’s contract garbage collection provider, at 325-481-7700. Customers must provide their account number, which is found on the monthly municipal services statement (aka the “water bill”) so Republic can verify they have trash service. Customers can also access their account numbers by calling the City’s Water Customer Service Division at 325-657-4323.

If a customer is found not to have received their bins, Republic will deliver the carts this week.

Each residential customer has received a tan cart for garbage and a green cart for recyclables. Each cart will be emptied on the same day once a week.

At, customers can learn their collection day and access information regarding proper cart placement, a list of recyclables, instructive videos and interviews, and forms for disability exemptions and additional carts.