A raw demo of Randy Travis singing a song called ‘Childhood Sweethearts’ has surfaced on YouTube. The song was co-written by singer Bonnie Paul, the woman who previously provided updates on Travis’ health.

In a tweet, she explains how the cut came to be. “It’s about my mom and dad,” Paul writes, adding that she was pushing her son in a stroller with one hand while she talked to Travis on a phone in the other. “We spoke for three hours writing it, I never jogged so fast one-handed.”

According to Paul, Travis recorded the demo on his tour bus in Canada about five years ago. She released the song in 2011 and cut a music video for it later. Other songs by Paul include ‘It Was Love, Now It’s War.’

Travis, 54, is recovering after suffering a stroke last summer. Recent photos show him in a wheelchair, but looking alert and happy. No official statement about the singer's health has been released since August.