Internet prankster EDBASSMASTER‘s latest effort has him pretending random people are celebrities and asking them for pictures and autographs. Part of the fun of it all is that his targets only barely resemble the famous people he was deliberately mistaking them for.

Not only that, but in the case of Andy Rooney, Pat Morita and Tattoo from Fantasy Island, he was confusing the randoms with celebrities who are actually dead. (Speaking of which, EDBASSMASTER also ran into walking corpse Larry King, and humorously mistakes him for Tom Brokaw.) Check out it.

As in the holding random hands’ video we posted yesterday, most of the targets of the prank react with good grace. Some of them even just play along and pretend they are the celebrity.  But then there is the guy accused of being Sean Penn. He ends up being just as surly as we imagine the real Sean Penn is when approached. So at least the two have that in common.