It's time to meet a couple of guys who are hanging out at the San Angelo Animal Shelter and we, and West Texas AFA, are hoping you would like to adopt them. West Texas AFA goes out and provides information and videos on the animals in the Shelter to raise awareness about how much it means to adopt a dog from the shelter or a rescue. These dogs are often abandoned, abused, unable to be kept, or simply unwanted, and they deserve a second chance with a family that will love and protect them.

Chappo is a 1-2 year old labrador/pit bull mix who loves kids, gets along very well with other dogs, and would make a great companion. He's also great on a leash, so we can only imagine that he loves to do some walking. Chappo is in kennel 52 at the animal shelter.

Tiny is about 2-3 years old, and from the video you can see that he is a truly mellow little guy. Tiny is great on a leash, loves to be around and play with kids, and gets along very well with other dogs. In fact, he makes friends with anyone and everyone!