Chanel is an enchanting cat that will brighten up your life!

Let's meet the beautiful Chanel. At just less than a year old, Chanel was pregnant and living life in the streets. It's reasonably certain that before her pregnancy, she was someone's pet because she is a very sweet, calm domesticated cat. She had her babies and they all found loving homes.

A couple of days after her last kitten was adopted a orphaned kitten was brought to PAWS. Only a few days old, his chance of survival was bleak. But Chanel took him in as her own and adopted the little black kitty and saved his life.  She's been every bit as gentle and nurturing to this little kitten as she was to her own.

Chanel is a very affectionate cat. She loves people. She is Siamese and is just under one year old. She is ready to find a family that will love her and spoil her.  She deserves a family that will love her.

Stop by the PAWS office at Sunset Mall and meet Chanel.