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courtesy of Courtyard Hounds

“We’re a band, not a side project. We like our sound, and we’re going to continue to do this, and share something new this time around.” Emily Robison couldn’t be more clear about the game plan for the Court Yard Hounds, the group she and sister Martie Maguire head up, as they get ready to release their second album, Amelita.

Building on the success of their self-titled 2010 debut, after the Dixie Chicks went on hiatus following a five-Grammy triumph in 2007, the sisters began with a consciously different approach. “We went through a demo process and wrote a lot more songs this time around,” Emily says. “We took about a year to really flesh out these songs, write with different songwriters, as well as more with each other this time around.”

Martie adds, “We really did write for a full year, and the focus was to write together. We were in the room together a lot more with [CYH guitarist] Martin Strayer than we were the first time around. We figured out that the magic combination for us to write the best songs is to have myself, Emily, and Martin in a room together.”

“The songs are different,” says Emily about the new album’s dozen tracks. “I’ve opened up to other ideas and ways of looking at life and the world. It’s not only a more hopeful album, but it’s more … well, fun. And everything isn’t quite so personal this time. We took a step back and took a broader view.”

In keeping with that broader perspective, Emily and Martie opened the door to new collaborators.

On “Sunshine,” co-written by acclaimed singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke along with Strayer and Alex Dezen, they gracefully expose carefully manicured claws, taking a swipe at a rather narcissistic acquaintance who believes himself to be above mere mortals, their silken harmonies belying the grit behind their words: “Someday you’ll be up on your mountain/High above the clouds where you can never be found/But you start a fire just to beg for intervention/You like drama and attention/God forbid we bring you down/ We call you Sunshine.”

“We called the song ‘Sunshine’ just for the sake of sarcasm,” explains Emily. “Everybody knows this kind of person who is the turd in the punch bowl. They’re the person who comes into the room and just deflates everything going on. And it’s a song about that person, who’s just a little bit too self-important and thinks that the world revolves around them and you just want to scream, ‘Stop bringing me down.’”

“Emily and I are very averse to confrontation. We would be the people that would just be thinking this but never really come out and say it, and then just have a little inside joke like, ‘Oh, here comes Sunshine.’ So this song is for him,” laughs Martie.

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