The Tom Green County Texas Farm Bureau hosted their annual Food Connection Day with 50 cent hamburgers to benefit Meals for the Elderly!


Food Connection Day is designed to let all of us know that our farmers and ranchers work very hard to make sure that our food supply is the best, and most abundant in the world.
The 50 cent charge per burger is also a reminder that 50 cents is what a farmer or rancher would make on a $5.00 hamburger that you would be at any restaurant.

More smoke, more tasty burgers are going to come off the grill shortly!

Boomer has the table loaded down with lots of cds, Texas Rangers gear and more for free for everyone who stops by for burgers!

It takes lots of volunteers to cook and serve over 1,300 hamburgers in 2 1/2 hours!

All proceeds benefit Meals for the Elderly! These great folks feed over 700 seniors and home bound folks every day. We salute all the folks who volunteer every day to help
get meals to everyone who needs them!

The Farm Bureau volunteers can put a hamburger together in about 30 seconds! Way to go!

The line stays short for most of the day, as Farm Bureau volunteers are able to work ahead and have lots of burgers ready for lots of hungry folks!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for Food Connection Day to help Meals for the Elderly! Boomer would like to Thank the Farm Bureau for inviting us out again this year to be a part of this tasty and fun event! Hope to see y'all again next year!

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