Hey, man. Yeah you. Check this out:


If you had to read that title twice - maybe you thought that it said something else, something kinda dirty - don't feel bad. We thought that, too. We're men. We see boobs everywhere.

But here's the thing. You were right the first time.

In case you haven't noticed, today's hottest country music acts attract more women than men to their live shows. Sometimes lots more. Go to any Billy Currington show. You can't swing a cat without hitting a boot scootin, tequila shootin,' pretty-as-a-picture church girl.

Now imagine you're at that same country concert, but it's located at a beach resort in Mexico. And Dierks Bentley is playing, too. And Brantley Gilbert. And Jana Kramer.

BINGO! You get it. Lots of single women and not enough guys to go around.

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Oh, one more thing. These girls are serious fans, so do your homework and check out these acts if you're not already singing along in the car. When you're all caught up, come back here and take the quiz. You can thank us later.

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