Lots of dogs and their owners came out to support the San Angelo Police Department's K-9 Unit at Kirby Park.

These 2 poodles are making new friends fast!

Everyone is watching the SAPD K-9 Unit demonstration.

This K9 is looking for a specific item that was just thrown on the ground. He'll find it in just a couple of minutes.

These dogs train with their handlers every day, and usually serve for 10 years. A good piece of advice, never try to pet one of these dogs. They are trained to bite you in defense of their handler.

Hey, do you like my TuTu?

Crimestoppers has dog treats! Dogs and their owners got to enjoy a "doggie detective walk", dog kissing booth, dog dress up photo booth, Concho Kennel Club dog agility course, raffles, and lots of treats for canines and humans!

Time for a quick photo of these "jailbirds".

This English Mastiff is only 6 months old and already weighs 140 pounds. Definitely the biggest dog at the event!

2 paws and 2 wheels work just fine for this little guy!

This guy's got the right idea; time to go for a swim! Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone & their dog who came out for a fun morning to support the San Angelo Police Department's K-9 Unit!